Episode 25: Why Retirement is Never an Option – Interview with Buzz Tatom

This week I welcome Buzz Tatom on the show to discuss his story. Buzz is a successful businessman who ran a Printing/Marketing Business for 24 years and grew it from $1 million to $10 million annually. He finally sold it and retired to Big Sky, Montana at the age of 48.

His retirement however lasted only six months.

He now teaches part time at Montana State University and is a partner at Tatom Design, an interior Design Business in Big Sky, MT. His wife is the Interior Designer, and in 3 years it has grown to a million dollar business. He’s also a partner in Venture West Ranches, a small Montana Ranch & Farm Real Estate Brokerage Firm.

Episode 24: How She Built a Successful Business Teaching Parents How to Potty Train – Interview with Michelle Swaney

michelle-swaneyThis week I welcome Michelle Swaney on the show. Michelle is the founder of The Potty School, a business she started with a vision to help parents and caregivers learn to potty train their children.

That’s right, people pay Michelle good money to teach them how to train their children to potty. She works in a niche market of “sleep trainers”, “infant nutritionists” and “labor doulas” who all wouldn’t have had jobs a few generations ago.

People used to live in tight-knit communities and had large families that overlapped in generations, so the passing on of generational information was not something that was done intentionally…it just happened. Times are a bit different today though with people having smaller families and waiting to have children at an older age.  Many people don’t know the basics of when to change a diaper, when to put a child down for a nap, or in Michelle’s niche – how to potty train.

Michelle’s clients spend an average of $50/month on diapers not to mention wipes and clothes ruined by “blow-outs” and diaper rash creams. They not only save money, but also reduce their impact on the environment!

On this episode, you’ll hear Michelle share her success as an entrepreneur and how she’s grown this unique business helping parents potty train their children. You can learn more about Michelle’s business by visiting thepottyschool.com.

Episode 23: How He Built a 6 Figure e-Commerce Business In His First Year – Interview with Wesley Flippo

drone-technologyThis week, Wesley Flippo joins me on the Money Champ to discuss his inspiring story of starting an online e-commerce business on drone technology and growing it to $250,000 in sales revenue in the first year of operation.

Wesley started this company with the intention of paying off his student loans, but after seeing so much success, he is transforming this project into a full-time career!

His passive income initially came from the website, BuyTheBestDrone.com. His partner and he started this website to capitalize on search engine traffic for users looking to purchase drones. They wrote a lot of content about drones and after receiving some great rankings, they started receiving commission after users purchased a drone from our site.

wesley-flippoThey are now transitioning into a company that employs seven people! On this episode, Wesley shares his own entrepreneur success story and some great advice for anyone wanting to start an online business. His biggest tip on creating passive income  is to create a website around your hobby, no matter what it is.

Wesley advises people who want to create an e-commerce business to write, research, and write again. He recommends building a website and becoming a thought leader in your space. His suggestion is to then monetize your site through consulting, advertising, affiliate links, and so on. If the topic of the website is your hobby, it wont feel like a job when you are working on it.

You can find more about his online business by visiting www.buythebestdrone.com.

Financially Free at 21 – Interview with Entrepreneur and Developer Spencer Shulem

This week, I welcome Spencer Shulem on the Money Champ. Spencer has a unique story. He spencerdropped out of college due mostly to the increasing costs of tuition and by 21 years old, he was 100% debt free living in Santa Barbara, CA (not the most inexpensive place to live)!

He’s now an award winning Mac App and Designer who specializes in meaningful products that help people be productive. His recent startup company WeDo raised $1million from investors. Despite raising $1 million dollars, Spencer takes only a $30k salary and manages to still save about $600-$900 a month.

On this episode, Spencer will be sharing his story and some tips for millennials who are trying to become financially free.

Episode 21: How to Prepare for the Next recession – Interview with Dean Ferraro of Authoritax

deanferraroThis week, I welcome Dean Ferraro on the show to to discuss tax strategies and other financial advice for young people who’ve recently graduated college. Dean is a successful small business owner who has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, on radio and even teaches tax law at the IRS.

His company, Authoritax has successfully helped many taxpayers by preparing tax returns, helping with IRS and State tax issues and assisting people with tax planning.

Dean recently paid off over $80k in student loans from college and he’ll be sharing this story along with discussing some great strategies for helping young people in their 20’s and 30’s  prepare for the next economic slow down. You can find more Authoritax by visiting http://www.authoritax.com.

Episode 20: How to Create Passive Income Through Real Estate – Interview with Scott Trench of Bigger Pockets

scotttrenchThis week, Scott Trench joins me on the show. Scott is a 25 year old real estate investor, a financial blogger and the vp of operations at BiggerPockets.com. Scott lives almost completely debt free with exception of his car and a mortgage on his rental property. The debt he has on his rental property is easily covered by the rental income coming in and is fixed for 30 years at 4.65% interest.

Scott created this passive income by moving into a duplex in downtown Denver using FHA financing, fixing it up, and renting out the other unit to some tenants to help cover the mortgage. He cleared about $1,700 per month in the first year to live rent and mortgage free.

At the end of this year, Scott plans to purchase 3-6 more units, in the form of one to two additional triplexes, or one additional quadplex and a duplex. On this episode, Scott will be sharing his own story of becoming a real estate investor at a young age and also the advice he offers for others who want to start building a real estate portfolio.

You can find more information about Scott’s real estate investing site Bigger Pockets, visit www.BiggerPockets.com.

Episode 19: From Pizza Boy To 29 Year Old Entrepreneur and 7 Figure Earner- Interview with Dan Henry

dan-henryMy guest this week shares an incredible story of winning financially as an entrepreneur. I welcome 29 year old entrepreneur and millennial, Dan Henry. Dan decided he wanted to become a entrepreneur instead of going to college. He went from a pizza boy to making 6 figures online in just over a year.

In addition to building a $30,000 per month blog, he’s also built several successful companies using social media marketing. Dan has been featured on Business Insider, The Huffington Post, CBS and NBC.

Episode 18: Interview with Entrepreneur and Real Estate Developer Andreas Johansson

andreas-johanssonThis week I welcome Andreas Johansson on the show. Andreas left school during his last year of high school (he just couldn’t stand it) and instead went into business. He started out doing some smaller real estate deals and marketing international properties, before creating his company Berkovitz Development Group.

They are now one of the largest developers in Central America and the Caribbean, and have done everything from smaller residential communities up to oceanfront condominium buildings.

A large part of their business is working with high net worth individuals and professional athletes and helping them invest in real estate, whether here in the US or internationally.

Andreas is also the owner of Rodman Vodka, a brand he launched with Dennis Rodman, a long-term friend of Andreas. It’s received notoriety and a lot of press, and they are doing very well with it internationally.

On this episode, Andreas will be sharing the story of his success and some important lessons for anyone who wants to succeed in real estate investment and business success.

You can find out more about Andrea’s company by visiting www.berkovitzbelizeproperty.com.

Episode 17 : Why Indexed Universal Life Insurance Can Be a Good Retirement Investment – Interview with Michael Cirelli

Michael_CirelliOn this episode, I interview Michael Cirelli of SAI Financial Services. Michael is a millennial financial advisor, who advices his clients to invest long term in Indexed Universal Life policies. Michael received his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Illinois State University. Michael was apart of a team of young traders in college who bought and sold equities for profit.

This experience taught Michael the value of risk management and how to mitigate potential risks through diversification and hedging strategies. He has been actively publishing finance-related articles for a few months now allowing his clients to become better educated on topics such as; retirement, insurance, taxes, and much more.

Michael helps clients achieve their financial goals through diligent research to seek out the best investment options thus allowing them to retire comfortably and worry free.

Michael says Indexed Universal Life policies are absolutely the way to go for someone who has a long term outlook for their money. The best part of all Michael says, the money is TAX FREE when you begin to take withdrawals from your policy. There are also cap rates on how much you can make on the upside, typically 11-14% but in exchange for no risk it’s a very fair trade off.

On this episode, we’ll be discussing why indexed universal life policies are a great long term investment vehicle for your money. You can find out more about Michael and SAI Financial Services by visiting http://www.saifinancial.com.

Episode 16: Investment Strategies with Real Estate Coach Whitney Nicely

whitney-nicely2This week, I welcome Whitney Nicely on the show to share her story of financial success. Whitney Nicely is a Real Estate Coach that helps hundreds of women every year make extra money from flipping houses.

Millions of Americans tune in weekly to HGTV and so many people dream that instead of trading time for money that they could be making their money work for them. Whitney started flipping houses in 2009 with her parents and in 2015 when Whitney was planning her wedding she flipped 6 houses. In 2014 she decided she was ready to flip by herself and she found it to be extremely liberating.

She currently owns 15 houses and over 3 apartment complexes throughout the area. Whitney is a step mom of two and has been featured on CW Atlanta, WDUN Atlanta and is a guest contributor for Realtor.com and Inman Media.

On this episode, we’ll be discussing:

• The value of residual income from property.
• The importance of buying a property instead of renting.
• How to buy real estate if you have a poor credit score.
• The best strategies for buying and flipping a home.

Learn more here about Whitney by visiting http://www.whitneynicely.com.

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