Interview with Mike Dorsey, Founder of Black Fathers, NOW

This week I welcome Mike Dorsey on the Money Champ. Mike is a husband, father, author, podcaster, speaker, content creator and entrepreneur. He is also the founder of Black Fathers Now. Mike will be sharing his story of getting rid of his student loan debt and changing his financial future after graduating with a degree in Economics from Georgia Tech.

Black Fathers, NOW is an inspirational podcast geared toward equipping people everywhere with wisdom and insight to inspire you on the Incredible Journey of Fatherhood.

Mike’s other accomplishments include:

  • 13 years of Medical Sales Success
  • Author of the Self-Help Book “ABE” Always Be Engaged: The 7 Keys to Living a Fit Urban Life
  • Creator of the Biblical Finance Series “Get Your Money Straight”
  • Founder of the e-commerce platform “Black Family Apparel”

From Student Loans to Debt Free and His First Condo with Cash – Interview with Phil Risher

This week I welcome Phil Risher on my show. Phil is the founder of Young Adult Survival Guide. Phil paid off $30,000 in student loans in just 12 months making $48k. He even saved up and bought a condo with cash at the age of 25!

After hitting these milestones in his life, Phil decided his calling was to help other young adults replicate his success. So he started his blog

When Phil shares his story, people usually begin to say “man this guy has it made, gets lucky, or is in the right place at the right time”. To that he says “if you want something bad enough you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse”. There are countless strategies to increase your income and ways to budget your money more efficiently. But, at the end of the day, the question is “how bad do you want it?”

Phil says he refuses to be another millennial statistic. Someone has to be successful, so why not him? Why not you?

On this episode, you’ll hear Phil share his story of how he became financially independent at such a young age.

Investing Strategies for Millennials – Interview with ReKeithen Miller

This week on the show, I welcome ReKeithen Miller. ReKeithen is a certified financial planner and an enrolled agent. He is also a member of the Financial Planning Association of Georgia, and is regularly quoted as an expert by national publications, including Barron’s, Kiplinger’s Retirement Report, Fox Business, U.S. News & World Report and CBS MoneyWatch.

ReKeithen holds a B.S. in finance with a minor in entrepreneurship from the University of Florida, where he graduated with honors. He is a native of Tallahassee, Florida. ReKeithen started his career at Palisades Hudson in the Fort Lauderdale office in 2007 as an associate.

He has been based out of the firm’s Atlanta office since 2008, and became a client service manager in 2011.

Helping New investors Own a Piece of Startup Companies – Interview with Ryan Rafols

This past week, I had the pleasure of interviewing millennial CEO, Ryan Rafols. Ryan wants 2017 to be the year investing is forever changed by helping new investors own a piece of startups they believe in and are passionate about.

He created Newchip as a way to make wealth and investing more accessible to the masses, while also specifically targeting people his own age – millennials.

Newchip is a marketplace that will feature hundreds of private equity investment opportunities from other platforms that only offer a few dozen at most.

On this episode, Ryan shares why he started Newchip and how he’s creating this investing platform to be open to non-accredited investors and provide “crowdfinancing” – a credit system where people can invest $1,000 in a company while only paying around a $100 a month over 12 months.

Goodbye Broke: Interview with Blogger and Entrepreneur Latisha Grady

This week I welcome Latisha Grady on the show. Latisha is an aspiring entrepreneur, and creator of new blog called Goodbye Broke. It chronicles her debt-free journey and connects with others who are tired of being broke.

On this episode, Latisha explains how an upbringing around poverty mindsets, and a lack of financial guidance, career planning, and self-doubt often contribute to carrying long term debt.

Latisha also shares how her faith served as guide and mentor, keeping her from shame
and discouragement while she continues to make her way out.

From Broke High School Student to Paying His Way Through NYU – Interview with Russab Ali

My guest on today’s show is Russab Ali. On this episode he’s going to share how he went from a broke high school kid, to paying his way through NYU, and creating a digital marketing agency that has brought in over $500M for his clients to date.

NYU’s tuition is incredibly expensive and Russab knew there was no way I could afford it. During the first few weeks of being extremely disappointed that he couldn’t go to the school of his dreams, Russab was visiting a local pizza shop. The owner of the shop was the dad of one of his friends.

The owner asked Russab if he could use his online skills to help him market his pizza shop. He told Russab he would pay him for the work he did. That’s when a light went on for Russab; That’s when he realized he had a skill companies would pay for: the ability to grow companies online. He quickly began helping any small business he could, and his business grew.

As a college student, Russab managed to pay off his debt and the tuition for the last two years at NYU even before he graduated! His company, SMC Digital Marketing continues to be a growing success today. You can find more about it by visiting

How He Sold His Software Business for $10 million – Interview with Shane Kenny, Founder of FilterSnap

Seven years ago, Shane Kenny and his brother Aaron sold their 11-year-old Internet filtering software business to McAfee for over $10 million.

Today, Shane is back in the filtering game – albeit in a completely different sense – as the founder of a service that delivers air filters to consumers’ homes on a regular schedule to ensure timely replacement. Shane came up with the idea because of his own frustration in remembering to change filters and trying to find the size he needed at the local home improvement store.

Taking a page from Dollar Shave Club’s razor blade subscription business, he solved both problems by launching FilterSnap with 72 filter sizes and a choice of 1, 2, 3, 6 or 12-month replacement schedules. Shane joins me on this episode to share his story of success. You can find out more about Shane’s company by visiting

How She Paid Off Her College Loan Debt While Travleing the World – Interview with Samantha Field of Life’s Secret Sauce

On this episode I interview Samantha Field. Samantha is an entrepreneur who runs an online business teaching young urban professionals how to engage in more meaningful conversations. The website is called “Life’s Secret Sauce” and was inspired from her interactions onboard cruise ships.

Samantha graduated university in 2011 with plenty of student loans, and a passion for travel. She did what any responsible young graduate would do and waited the full grace period before beginning to pay off her loans. Instead, she spent time backpacking around Southeast Asia, exploring Europe, and even worked at summer camp before reality hit.

She was forced to figure out how on earth she was supposed to pay off her debt. With a passion for travel, and need for an income, she thought there would be no greater job than one that combines both. So she joined Carnival Cruise Lines and became a youth counselor traveling the world by ship, exploring islands, meeting people from around the world and going on adventures while making enough money to pay off her student loans.

On this episode Samantha will be sharing how she launched her current business, Life’s Secret Sauce, and also how she managed to pay off all her college loan debt while traveling the world!

Finding Your Career Path Without a College Degree – Interview with Chad Knutsen Co-founder of Cornucopia Group

Chad Knutsen is an adventurous 28 year old, who has spent much of his life traveling the world. At a Belizean bar one evening in 2013, Chad met the apprentice to an inventor who had created some incredible technologies that he felt needed to be in the marketplace as opposed to just sitting in a lab.

One thing led to another and Chad joined with another seemingly unlikely partner in California and founded Cornucopia Group – a company that seeks to develop the most exciting innovations in many industries.

On this episode, Chad will be sharing his own story of choosing the entrepreneur life over college.

Episode 26: How He Started a Media Company with Just $1,500 and Sold It for $4o Million – Interview with Bob Adams

This week, I welcome Bob Adams on the show to share his success story. Bob is an accomplished entrepreneur who started a business out of his basement and grew it into one of the largest independent book publishers in the US. He started Adams Media with just $1,500 and sold it for $40 million!

Bob has authored numerous books on business and has an MBA from Harvard Business School. He now runs a Website called with videos aimed at helping entrepreneurs get their businesses up and running.

Their expert videos take you step-by-step through every aspect of building a successful business. Their video format makes it easier to learn and retain business concepts, making you a better businessperson.

You can find out more about BusinessTown by visiting

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